Travelling Scarf

Usually, when I go travelling I bring some knitting along, and usually I imagine I’ll spend my vacation knitting furiously. The thing will be done when I come back. Hey, I’ll wear it on the ride home! Maybe I should bring something else to work on just in case…

This never happens.

But, nevertheless, faced with the wish for lots of mindless travel knitting that will definitely fit in my carry-on, I go for laceweight scarves/shawls. I’ve got in the habit of knitting a plain garter top down triangle then adding some kind of border once I get home and start worrying about running out of yarn.

Here’s the one from California:

This one’s from Scotland:

For my recent jaunt to Portugal I decided to change things up and actually use a pattern. Wild, huh? True to form I made limited progress on the trip itself (I didn’t want to spill port on it after all.) But this way when I get home I can knit while daydreaming about vacation. Finished this weekend:

I kept worrying it was going to wind up too small but the corners didn’t even fit in the shot.

Specs: passione-amorosa knit in Fleece Artist Suri Blue that I’ve had hanging around waaay too long. No mods really except more repeats in a lighter yarn. I wasn’t sure I was going to make it through the last repeat but I’m glad I went for it. No leftovers, which always feels so much tidier.

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I must be a slow learner because I always think vacation will mean so much knitting and reading and yet I’m always wrong. There’s too much else to do! Why do I keep wasting suitcase room on books and yarn?

But I do have some new socks:

Plain socks in Hedgehog Fibres Sock. The colour is called Dijon but it reminds me more of cake than mustard. You know, that yellow birthday cake with sprinkles in it? I may need to make some cake to go with my socks. As you do.

On the books front, The Strange Case of the Alchemist’s Daughter by Theodora Goss is one of those books that’s all about the premise. Lady monsters from classic literature (Jekyll & Hyde, Frankenstein, Dr Moreau, etc.) solve mysteries. With Sherlock Holmes. Fun! I don’t know what is says about me that there are so many classics I’ve never got to but apparently I’ve read all the monstery ones.

Back in the day I read the Little House books as a kid, and despite having not looked at them in years, Prairie Fires: The American Dreams of Laura Ingalls Wilder by Caroline Fraser was super fascinating. It’s sort of a behind the scenes look at Laura the person vs. Laura the character. Wouldn’t it be satisfying to rewrite your life the way it should have happened? In my memoirs I plan to always have perfect hair.

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Pass the Port

Y’all, I’ve been off gallivanting again. Portugal this time!

It’s hilly everywhere, which means good views and lots of exercise.

I have also probably at least tripled my lifetime port consumption.

Port + pastel de nata. Tasty! (It looks like I also have a glass of stout but it’s a vase. Not that I would be above a little beer with my custard tarts…)

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April Showers Bring, Uh, Ice?

Lately it’s been cold and grey around here, with lots of freezing rain warnings. My local library has been closed for renovations for ages and last I looked is due to open ‘Spring 2018.’ So I can only conclude that they’re running behind and have delayed spring to get some extra time. Who knew librarians had that kind of power?

I tried to counter this with a BRIGHT YELLOW scarf and have been waiting for a sunny day to take some pictures. Or even a not oppressively overcast day – I’m not picky. Alas, it seems I’m no match for the public library.

Meanwhile, here’s a blocking shot:

Do you think maybe knitting something hot pink would help?

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Wait For It…

This weekend I finished that yoke sweater. It’s blocking as I type. I keep checking if it’s dry – pretty sure that makes it dry faster, right? After all, that watched pots saying doesn’t say anything about sweaters.

People always talk about the transformative power of blocking on lace, which looks lumpy and uneven right off the needles. The same is true for stranded colourwork, I think. It looks tidier already:

Do you think it’s dry yet?

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Back around Thanksgiving I knit the boring grey body of a yoke sweater for train knitting. Several balls of yarn is too unwieldy for the train and I wandered off and never started the colourwork.

Until I found myself between projects and itching for some colour amid the March grey:

In a moment of extravagance I bought yarn for this sweater even though it would totally be great for scraps. I almost never use the recommended yarn and colours, but it was the colours that grabbed me in the original so I stuck with it. It almost makes me feel like I should be more creative and exciting.

Although I did add some short rows at the base of the yoke. Because The Man doesn’t tell me what to do!


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Jane, Unlimited

Dudes! It’s been a long time since I read a book I really loved. I was starting to think maybe I had just outgrown that and fiction would always disappoint and annoy me. But apparently that was just me being cranky, because I just read Jane, Unlimited by Kristen Cashore and really loved it.

Starting off Jane is at loose ends after the death of her Aunt Magnolia, when she gets invited by an acquaintance to visit her family’s island mansion Tu Reviens. Coincidentally, she promised her aunt she’d go if she was ever invited so she packs up her umbrellas and goes. (She makes umbrellas, which sounds kind of hipster try-hard quirky, but I ended up loving the umbrella parts. I’m all about making stuff. Why not umbrellas?)

So Jane ends up at this mysterious house full of art (serious art, like Vermeer) and colourful characters. Odd things happen in several directions and she starts to wonder what the hell is going on exactly.

Then things split off into separate stories, choose your own adventure style. And who didn’t love choose your own adventure books? There are art thefts, spies, secrets, theoretical physics, midnight shenanigans, Winnie the Pooh. Good times y’all!

I think I may go knit an umbrella.

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