Back By Popular Demand

Okay, I may be using a somewhat generous definition of ‘popular.’ Like, three people. But we should all strive to be more generous!

Back in the day, before we all had Facebook, I started up a blog to keep everyone in the loop on my exciting adventures without resorting to mass email. Alas, my career as a globetrotting acrobat/spy never quite materialized and I mostly wrote about what book I was reading. Which is probably for the best. I’m pretty sure if you’re a spy you’re not supposed to blog about it. Except maybe as a ruse to convince your enemies you are busy, uh, reading fantasy novels and couldn’t possibly be hiding in the closet taking top secret spy photos. But your enemies would have to be pretty stupid to fall for that.

Which is the long way of saying expect books and knitting, which I took up instead of acrobatics.

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