The Drunken Botanist

Back in the day when we first started having music on our computers, I used to find myself in a twitchy kind of mod where I needed a new song at least every 30 seconds. Not because I didn’t like what was playing, just because I had to keep click, click, clicking.

Likewise, I have a longstanding fondness for books I can read out of order – open at random, read a bit, flip until something else catches my eye. (Sometimes I flip through novels but I don’t recommend this plan. It gets confusing.)

So I appreciate a good flippable book, and The Drunken Botanist by Amy Stewart is that. It’s a collection of facts and stories and odds and ends about various liquor-related plants. So those of us flipping through can read a little about wormwood or barley or tequila or mint juleps or quinine.

I am not normally a particularly discerning drinker (what’s so wrong about wine in a box?) and generally I like the kind of drinks that have the ingredients in the name (gin and tonic, rum and coke.) But just like cookbooks that convince me I’m going to start making croissants from scratch, Amy Stewart has me thinking it would make total sense to stock up on bitters/cocktail glasses/Cointreau and start making my own grenadine. Who wants to come over for drinks?

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