Spring Green

A lot of people think I’m a weird, but I like winter. Skip over the slushy, grey, freezing rain parts and think about skating, snowflakes and mugs of hot chocolate. See? Awesome. If you’re cold, just put on a sweater and your mittens (and if you knit, winter provides an opportunity to wear seventeen knitted things at once. Fun!)

So I’m not really pining for the return of heat and humidex warnings – actually the word ‘humidex’ makes me wilt a little. But even I’m thinking spring has been a long time coming this year and I cast on something green.


I’m knitting this sweater, by which I mean I’m knitting a yoke sweater using the charts. (Patterns are more like guidelines anyway.) Confession: I may have blocked the colourwork to even it out and make me look more like a rock star. (Er, yes. A knitting rockstar.) (Wait. I think maybe the secret to becoming a rock star is not to confess these things. Also, learn to play guitar while consuming illicit substances.)

And it caught my eye that even the TTC is going the spring green road this month:


But can we hold off on the humidex warnings long enough for me to wear my sweater?

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One Response to Spring Green

  1. Verónica says:

    I’m with you, give me cool winters over hot humid days.

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