In Which Persistence Is Rewarded

Sometimes I forget that I’m not a great scarf knitter. Not because they’re hard, but because they’re tedious. Socks have heels to turn for excitement, mittens have thumbs, sweaters have sleeves. But most scarf patterns (there are exceptions, of course) pretty much go “Cast on and knit like this for weeks/months/years.”

There are times when that is totally what I’m in the mood for. But then the mood passes and my scarf sits there all sad and abandoned.


So I cast on this scarf back around Christmas, merrily knit a few repeats, then put it down. Knit a bit and put it down. Thought about it then cast on something else. Set my teeth to finish it and … realized I was going to run out of yarn. Put it down, knit something else.

Then I picked it up again, because I am not going to be defeated by some scarf.


I swapped the colours so that yarn problem is no problem at all and knit until:

1) it got so hot I felt mildly crazy to be engaged in this scarf showdown

2) Done!


(Yep, nothing says “not crazy at all” quite like taking arms length self portraits of yourself wearing a wooly scarf on a hot day.)

Specs: Lisa Lloyd’s Twilight Scarf , knit with a couple of yarns from the Drawer of Scraps and Oddments.  I used to rather like the word “twilight” but I’m avoiding it until such time as it no longer reminds me of sparkly whiny vampires. So I’m going with “dusk” instead.

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3 Responses to In Which Persistence Is Rewarded

  1. This scarf is so beautiful, good idea not to associate it with sparkly vampires!

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