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As per usual, the gods of the Library Request Queue have given me all the books all at once. So lately I have had my nose buried in Lauren Destefano’s Sever (Book #3) and Laini Taylor’s Days of Blood and Starlight (Book #2.) (Incidentally, I’m not complaining here, just observing. The library request system is brilliant. Keep the books coming, library gods.)

I’m always a bit reluctant to embark on reading series especially in real time. (I’m including trilogies here. I get the idea of beginning/middle/end but is it too much to ask for them to all fit in the same book?) I’m always wary of commitments and I feel some obligation, having read Book #1 to read Books #2, #3, etc. which might be years away. Maybe I’ll be living in a colony on the Moon by then. Maybe I’ll be a secret agent busy reading top secret spy stuff. Maybe I won’t remember what that mysterious guy did with that mysterious box of mysterious stuff. Maybe I just won’t care any more.

Commitment-phobia aside, I did like both books. Finished one trilogy and will probably read the other Book #3 in due course. Sometimes commitment is scary, but sometimes it’s nice to know there’s more to come. Even if you kind of forget what happened at the beginning.

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