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Repreive With Sleeves

Sometimes I feel like talking about knitting is a proxy for talking about the weather. I say things like “It was grey and gloomy so I cast on some bright yellow socks” or “I cast on fourteen sweaters at the … Continue reading

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A Natural History of Dragons

Apparently “Here be dragons” never actually appeared on medieval maps. Which is not particularly surprising but still a bit disappointing. I love the expression as a shorthand for “Wild unknown with scary stuff. Probably including dragons” or “I dunno what … Continue reading

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Something From Nothing

Since I started knitting, I’ve been collecting leftover yarn with vague plans revolving around stripes and colourwork. Alas, they never quite seem to happen and meanwhile it all just gathers in the Drawer of Scraps and Oddments. I’ve had lengthwise … Continue reading

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The Known World

Over the years I’ve picked up The Known World by Edward P. Jones a bunch of times then put it down because this is Serious Pulitzer Prize Winning Literature which is not really my thing. This time I actually read … Continue reading

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One of the beautiful things about knitting is that if it doesn’t work out you can always rip it out and try again. I’ve ripped and re-knit entire sweaters  and you can’t even tell. How often do you get a … Continue reading

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A friend of mine ran off to California to learn to be a sommelier (I am not making this up.) So, naturally, I had to fly out to the West Coast to meet up. Just back from a road trip … Continue reading

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