Something From Nothing

Since I started knitting, I’ve been collecting leftover yarn with vague plans revolving around stripes and colourwork. Alas, they never quite seem to happen and meanwhile it all just gathers in the Drawer of Scraps and Oddments.

I’ve had lengthwise linen stitch scarves at the back of my mind for a while now and finally picked out some mostly blueish yarns and went for it.


Awesome! Any successful project is pleasing, but I find scrap projects particularly so. I mean, I didn’t use any real yarn – I practically conjured this out of nothing. I feel like I’ve turned lead into gold alchemy-style. Or at least, I got a free scarf.

Linen stitch does delightful things with all those random scrappy colours:


Specs: Cast on about 450 stitches (accurate counting not required) and knit linen stitch in random stripes of fingering weight scraps. Best part is that the ends become a fringe – all the stripes you want with no extra weaving in. I didn’t use a pattern but this is not an original idea and, lo, there is a free Ravelry pattern here which is pretty much what I did.

Very much recommended if you have scraps to use up. I may be planning some more in various colours.

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5 Responses to Something From Nothing

  1. I’ve made the Cerus Scarf ( which is pretty much the same idea and loved it. I say that all those colors made yours much prettier though, well done!

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