Repreive With Sleeves

Sometimes I feel like talking about knitting is a proxy for talking about the weather. I say things like “It was grey and gloomy so I cast on some bright yellow socks” or “I cast on fourteen sweaters at the start of the cold front.”

I started on a cabled sweater ages ago, then put it down because it got warm and I had to do some math. (And maybe because I’m just fickle.) Then after a string of vicious sweltering days there was a cool breeze and, oh hey, I’m in the mood for sweaters after all.

So I knit some sleeves.


(Why yes, I do still have my childhood fishies bedspread.)

The yarn I’m using (Naturally Alpine 10 Ply) comes in giant 200g skeins which turn into giant balls. If you are a nine year old boy this may prompt you to giggle to yourself while winding them up.


Wine glass included for scale. Also to remind you that I’m a sophisticated oenophile and not at all a nine year old boy (fishies bedspread notwithstanding.)

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