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When I’m knitting it’s always my aim to use up the yarn without running out. The party line is that you should always buy more yarn than you think you need. I respect the wisdom of this, but leftovers always … Continue reading

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Quantum … Uh, What?

So, I brought Neil Turok’s The Universe Within on a long flight with the idea that several hours with nothing else to do would force me to understand quantum mechanics. I should perhaps point out that before they gave me … Continue reading

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The Age of Wonder

Of late, I’ve been reading The Age of Wonder: How the Romantic Generation Discovered the Beauty and Terror of Science by Richard Holmes which if nothing else has an awesome title. I’m not sure what I make of it actually. … Continue reading

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Work With What You Got

The August Civic Holiday is a lovely blank slate sort of holiday – a long weekend with no particular expectations about gifts, costumes, religion, family togetherness, patriotism, etc. that goes with most other holidays. This year, I celebrated with hats. … Continue reading

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