The Age of Wonder

Of late, I’ve been reading The Age of Wonder: How the Romantic Generation Discovered the Beauty and Terror of Science by Richard Holmes which if nothing else has an awesome title. I’m not sure what I make of it actually. I am a fan of old-timey science and I loved parts of it: the first balloonists, the discovery of Uranus, Mungo Park, travelling to Tahiti – for Science. And parts of it dragged: Humphrey Davy, Royal Society politics, I’ve already read Frankenstein.

Also, there is poetry. And I like the idea of poetry and even the idea Poetry and Science being better pals. But I really do not like poetry much and I mostly skimmed it. (Shut up Byron. You too, Shelley.)

I do, however, love Magnetic Poetry and its internet equivalent the word cloud. Here’s this here blog (from Wordle):


Looks about right.

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