Cooked: a Natural History of Transformation

Like most people, I’m a fan of food. (Popularity tip: be necessary to life.) But sometimes it seems like the more I think about it, the more stressful it is – I start worrying about cholesterol and gluten and organic and are eggs good for you and screw it, maybe I’ll just have a cup of tea for dinner.

So I like Michael Pollan on food because the gist is usually along the lines of “Don’t freak out; just eat food and learn to cook.” I can do that.

Cooked: a Natural History of Transformation is split up into Fire (barbecue) Water (braising) Air (bread) and Earth (fermenting – pickles, cheese, booze.) I don’t much care about barbecue so it got off to a bit of a slow start for me, but there’s some neat stuff in there. A cheese making nun. A tour of the Wonder Bread factory. Lots of onions. I don’t even like pickles but I want to try pickling now.

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1 Response to Cooked: a Natural History of Transformation

  1. Oo, neat! That’s a cool way of organizing the book, although I think it would still stress me out a bit. I am not one of the world’s calmest cooks. I have a woeful tendency to panic and throw everything out and then cry about my failures. :p

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