Moving On

True story: the first search I ever got on this here blog was for “linen stitch knitting.” I feel this gives me some responsibility  – the internet is looking to me to meet its linen stitch needs. This is important stuff! I cannot disappoint!*


Yet another linen stitch scarf, modeled by my desk chair. Pretty huh? I never understand why orange isn’t a more popular colour.

But y’all, I think I’ve finally had enough linen stitch scarves. For now. It’s starting to feel like fall and I’m pretty sure I need to cast on a sweater. (Or maybe finish this one. We shall see.)

*Disclaimer: This feeling of responsibility pretty much only applies to stuff I wanted to talk about anyway. Like the other day I noticed “game of thrones boobs” there and felt no inclination to further address that topic. (And surely there’s ample discussion elsewhere online? You would think I must be pretty far down the results page.)

Although I will admit I enjoy pictures of boobs if they’re covered by gorgeous sweaters. Heck, I enjoy pictures of just about anything covered with gorgeous sweaters.

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2 Responses to Moving On

  1. Wow, that’s gorgeous! I also do not understand why orange is not more beloved. I have been wanting a bright orange dress for a really long time. A bright orange dress! It would be so cheerful and great.

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