I have a longstanding fondness for telepathy, ESP and that sort of thing. Not that I believe in them exactly but it’s such a cool possibility. Wouldn’t it be cool if the mind had this extra level with astonishing powers? But also, wouldn’t it be awkward? I wouldn’t want mind readers to know all my top secret spy stuff. Or how creepy I think they are.

So Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan is right up my alley. What if you had an imaginary friend you talked to in your head? What if he was actually not imaginary and moved to your town? And then you met him unexpectedly in an elevator? Wouldn’t that be awesome and weird and creepy? Especially if there were also mysterious happenings and deep dark secrets. (No spies, alas. Someone must have written about telepathic spies.)

Since I have limited patience for telepathic-related teen angst (or any angst – I do not discriminate) I love that it’s also funny. I laughed out loud more than once while reading. And we have already established that I have a subtle and sophisticated sense of humour. (I don’t actually recall any jokes about balls. If you were worried.) Characters talk a lot in clever remarks, which sometimes seems a bit like trying too hard as in “I’ll keep those mini mutants we found in the sewers and pretend are your brothers downstairs, okay?” But usually I’m all for it, as in, say, “you are typing like a maddened weasel taped to a keyboard” which I have resolved to work into a conversation some day. Y’all, please practice typing in a weaselly manner.

If you’re looking for a book that’s kind of creepy but also full of things I would say, Unspoken is probably a good choice. (Seriously, when Jared says “A green girl in the woods just kissed me. What is wrong with the world?” I paused to consider how this is exactly what I would say. I mean, if such a thing happened to me. Not just at random.)

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  1. Oo, I didn’t really realize that was the premise of this book. Cool! It sounds a bit like a Lois Duncan premise, doesn’t it?

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