Song for the Basilisk

Now, this is a gorgeous book. Song for the Basilisk by Patricia McKillip begins with fire and death and a boy with a fake name who hides with bards at the far side of the world. (I said gorgeous; I didn’t say cheerful.) It goes on to secret identities, revenge and music. People in this book love music. I am not a musician, but I love when people love things (unless the thing is, I dunno, kicking puppies or something.)

There are never too many words or too much explaining. I like this, but I’m the one who ruthlessly cuts a third of your paper when you ask me to edit. (As a general rule, I think you don’t need as many words as you think you do, so long as you pick the right ones.) See, you don’t need hundreds of pages to tell a cool story.

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2 Responses to Song for the Basilisk

  1. I too love when people love things! It makes me sad that I can’t love Patricia McKillip — she has such cool premises, and then murders them (for me) by overdescribing. It makes me sad. I want to love her.

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