The Vintner’s Luck

There are people out there who have reading deal-breakers like no rape scenes or no dead dogs. Personally, I’m not so inclined. While I’m opposed to rape and dead dogs in real life, sometimes in books they’re – well, not okay, but part of a story I’m interested in.

Then I read The Vintner’s Luck by Elizabeth Knox and found myself kind of in sympathy with them. I wanted to like it and I did like parts of it but then there were parts that just skeeved me out.

The writing is lovely and I was inexplicably charmed that the chapters have wine-related titles. And wouldn’t you want to befriend and angel and meet up one night a year to drink wine and chat? Wouldn’t it be cool to hear about Heaven and Hell from someone who’d been there? (Angels, are you reading? Bring wine!) But y’all, if it ever strikes you as a good idea to proposition an angel, just … don’t. Or failing that, don’t tell me about it. Especially if your angel likes you back.

I don’t want to be hating on the book. Someone with different hangups could absolutely love it. Although, perhaps I should warn you that a dog dies in it.

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    …Me too, yo. I think I was a smidge less bothered by the skeevy parts than you were, but yeah. Me too.

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