Another Sweater

I think the yoke sweater might be one of humanity’s better inventions. I mean, it doesn’t save lives or anything, but it’s so simple and clever and pretty. (Also, consider some of the competition)


Which is to say, I knit another one. My interpretation of another Drops pattern knit in Cascade 220 Sport. I know people sometimes have trouble following them and I can’t really comment on that because, um, I don’t even try to follow them. I just use the charts for my own purposes. They have lots of free colourwork (and other) patterns although sometimes you have to use your imagination a bit to see how awesome they are.


I added patterning to the sleeves (oh, actually, I added the whole sleeve.) I thought about making a chart of what I did, but basically I cribbed a couple of patterns from the yoke. Y’all are smart enough to do that yourselves. Now, I thought patterned cuffs were all good news but the downside is that I ran out of cream partway through the yoke. Naturally, I couldn’t get more in the same dye lot. I don’t think you can really tell except under fluorescent light (my bathroom light is unrelentingly cruel.) So, when I want to make sure my sweater looks good, I need to keep clear of fluorescent lights but that’s a pretty standard rule if you want anything to look good ever.


I’m also almost done with that red sweater. It just needs buttons. What could go wrong?


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4 Responses to Another Sweater

  1. Idk, I like the yoke enough that it is almost lifesaving!

    I love what you’ve done here, though. The pattern you have looks great on the yoke and sleeves. And I’m entering a phase of loving grey and red and white, so to me pretty much everything you’ve done here is perfect ❤

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