The World Needs More Hats

Inexplicably, I always feel a vague sense of obligation to knit things for babies. I’m not sure why, since I’m sure babies don’t care, won’t remember and will outgrow everything in about twenty minutes. Anyway, last winter, in honour of a friend’s upcoming baby, I decided I would just go with it and make a hat. I couldn’t find a pattern that matched what I had in my head, but who needs patterns anyway? So I put together some fair isle motifs and made up my own. Then I decided that I kind of wanted one for myself – I mean, who doesn’t need one more hat?


The point of this story is that all summer I had it in the back of my mind to write up a pattern and y’all, I finally did. It has baby and adult sizes, so you could knit matching hats for yourself and your baby, then go out in public and watch the baby pretend not to know you. Fun times!

It lives on Ravelry Here

I hear the secret to success these days is to sell stuff on the internet. (Or, wait, isn’t The Secret to just wish for things? But in that case I should have a jet-pack by now.) We shall see.

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2 Responses to The World Needs More Hats

  1. Pretty! I have an abundance of hats because I am far too prone to acquiring them. I look good in hats. I cannot resist them. :p

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