It’s Not A Race

I bought some yarn ages ago with a vague plan about a textured cardigan maybe some cables, a bit of garter stitch. Surely happiness is a red sweater on a cold day. I scoured my stack of knitting books and the Ravelry database and couldn’t find anything quite like what I was looking for.

Rather than settle, I slapped together some cables on a garter stitch background and did my own thing. Really slowly. Like, I cast on last February. But it’s done!


To be fair, I spent most of that time Not Knitting On This. Sometimes I just put stuff down and lose all momentum and it’s not like I didn’t have other sweaters to wear. The button band gaps a bit because I was running out of yarn, so I made fewer buttonholes than usual. (Yeah, I don’t know either. It seemed to make sense at the time.) Otherwise I’m really happy with it though. I love that twisty cable and am full of plans to make an entire knitted universe covered with it. Or at least, like, mittens or something.

I may write up a pattern eventually, but right now I’m kind of glad to see the back of this. Speaking of which, here’s the back:


Not bad for a vague plan.

Specs: Pattern from scratch, 3 skeins of Naturally Alpine 10 Ply, which is apparently discontinued now. I feel like I lost a race to … yarn.

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3 Responses to It’s Not A Race

  1. Sheena says:

    Beautiful! I’ve never improved a sweater before, but I keep thinking about trying it out. You’re very brave to do it with discontinued yarn!

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