Oh, Jeeves

I mentioned my fondness for Sherlock Holmes the other day, and I have a similar fondness for Jeeves. Although the Jeeves books are jokier (lower body count lightens the mood, I guess) I think Jeeves is sort of like Sherlock Holmes would be if he was a valet.

I’ve been reading Carry On Jeeves by P. G. Wodehouse on the subway for the last few days. Good fun – goofy characters and zany schemes, although I do notice that a lot of Jeeves’s schemes can mostly be summed up as Tell Some Lies. Still, you can’t argue with results.

Also, there may be a serious moral in this one – don’t be dependent on an allowance from an eccentric relative for your living. You can tie yourself into crazy knots trying to stay in their good graces.

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2 Responses to Oh, Jeeves

  1. I do truly prefer Psmith, but the Jeeves books are good fun. I think your moral is a sound one. One might be willing to depend on an eccentric relative for, like, subsidies. Like if you could have a job that would pay for your rent and car and groceries, and an eccentric relative gave you money that you used to buy Art and things. That would be perfect.

    • Yes! Exactly! Even as I was appreciating the moral, I was pondering whether I might have any long-lost wealthy, eccentric relatives because it sure sounds like I could have some fun before I was cut off.
      I haven’t read any Psmith – I keep meaning to.

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