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In Which There Are Mittens

For some reason, I make a lot of plans to knit mittens and yet never seem to get started. ThenĀ  I misplaced my usual mittens and realized I have only overkill serious winter gloves and not really warm enough gloves. … Continue reading

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Y’all, I finished a sweater! (This one.) Finishing a sweater (or anything, but especially a sweater) always makes me feel so clever. I made this! Out of string! It looks like clothes! It’s been cold here lately, so I’ve been … Continue reading

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The Sparrow

My local library branch has a shelf of “Book Club Picks” at the front, which usually serves to confirm my impression that book clubs might not be my scene. But I do look at it sometimes, because it’s still books, … Continue reading

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Sometimes It’s Hard To Be Exciting

Of late, I’ve been in a bit of a reading slump. You know that feeling where you could pick up a book, but then you check your email or flip through a magazine instead? Or you pick up your knitting. … Continue reading

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More Recommended Reading

Over Christmas, I spent a bunch of time at my parents’ place, which always gives me a chance to poke through my old bookshelves and muse about old favourites. So I’ve been thinking for a while about more book recommendations. … Continue reading

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Ah, Summer Vacation … Wait, No

Of late I’ve been trying to work through those loose-end projects that skulk around half finished and mocking me. There was that time with the button and that red sweater and now: Oh, another red cabled sweater. Hey, I like … Continue reading

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Real Life Sucks

Once Christmas is officially over, I always feel a little bit low. I mean, no more twinkling lights and eating gingerbread cookies as a meal? I dunno about that. (I feel Christmas carries on to Epiphany, which is not a … Continue reading

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