Real Life Sucks

Once Christmas is officially over, I always feel a little bit low. I mean, no more twinkling lights and eating gingerbread cookies as a meal? I dunno about that. (I feel Christmas carries on to Epiphany, which is not a pretend holiday I made up. But I may start making up some other holidays.)

In the meantime, I’ve been trying to cheer myself up with socks:


Are you feeling it? I may just make some more cookies later…

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6 Responses to Real Life Sucks

  1. Love the socks. They’re a really original design and the colour is gorgeous. And I know what you mean about the post-Christmas slump.

  2. I always try to build in a treat for myself in the week/fortnight after Christmas, just to help beat the post-holiday blues. This year it’s moving into a new apartment, which is slightly more stress than treat honestly, but other times I’ve done like, Going to see a play! Going to a fancy restaurant that I wouldn’t usually!, or things like that.

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