Y’all, I finished a sweater! (This one.)


Finishing a sweater (or anything, but especially a sweater) always makes me feel so clever. I made this! Out of string! It looks like clothes! It’s been cold here lately, so I’ve been wearing it a lot.

The pattern is Cara, which deserves to be more popular. It’s simple, quick, and warm, clearly written in fill-in-your-numbers-worksheet style. Also has top down short row sleeve caps, which I love because they are just so clever.


(Okay, they don’t look different from sewn in sleeve caps once they’re done. I didn’t take any progress photos, but trust me, they’re clever.) The down side is knitting the sleeves while wrestling with the rest of the sweater. Also, these sleeves are knit in garter stitch in the round. I don’t mind purling, but something about garter stitch in the round always seems unnatural to me.

For once, I had beautiful wintery light for these photos but my camera’s batteries died unexpectedly and it was gone by the time they recharged. So I had to crank up the brightness like whoa to salvage anything. Photography is so much harder than it looks. Um, would you believe this is an artistic choice?

Specs: Cara by Gudrun Johnston No changes except to account for my row gauge. 11.5 balls of Grignasco Tweed. I still have some left. What could I do with 5 balls of this stuff?

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6 Responses to Cara

  1. That’s lovely. And isn’t it a brilliant feeling, creating your own clothes out of some string and a couple of sticks? Come the apocalypse, we’ll be sorted. 😉

  2. Sheena says:

    Nicely done! It looks cozy and perfect for winter. 🙂

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