In Which There Are Mittens

For some reason, I make a lot of plans to knit mittens and yet never seem to get started. Then  I misplaced my usual mittens and realized I have only overkill serious winter gloves and not really warm enough gloves. So


Mittens of my own reckoning. And a resolution to knit more mittens and I mean it this time. Mittens are quick too – they’re visibly more done since I took this picture – so I should be able to stop trying to stuff those giant gloves into my coat pockets.

Also, I’ll probably find my old mittens the minute I finish these…

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4 Responses to In Which There Are Mittens

  1. Den says:

    Those are lovely! I love the cables.

  2. Pretty pretty! I don’t know what cables are like the wise other commenters, but I think the mittens are very pretty, and I love the little details.

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