Sports Talk Is Boring

Of late my main hobby has been watching the Olympics and I know no one comes here for sports talk (at least, anyone who does is surely disappointed on the regular.)

Hey, the internet has come up with a cartoon that perfectly expresses my feelings:


Sports coverage could only be improved if more of the interviewers wore top hats.

So I’ll spare you the sports talk. On the knitting front, I am almost done my Olympics sweater, a phrase which here means I have been watching a shocking amount of TV.

Carry on sportsing.

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2 Responses to Sports Talk Is Boring

  1. Interviewing WOULD be improved if more people wore top hats during them. I’ll send a note to Roger Goodell and see if he can have that instituted for the next NFL season.

    (Ha, ha, just kidding. Roger Goodell hates my state. He would probably set my note on fire and dance on the ashes.)

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