Rose Under Fire

Remember when I told you all to go read Code Name Verity without delay? I didn’t mention that there is a a sequel, Rose Under Fire, because I hadn’t got around to it myself. But my love for Book #1 was such that it was only a matter of time.

One of the things I liked about Verity was the tricksy plot, where you get to the end and flip back going “wait, so what she meant was…” Rose is an American pilot, who is not particularly tricksy and her plot is much more straightforward. It can pretty much be summed up as “you know what sucks? Being in a Nazi concentration camp. Also, to a lesser extent, being involved in World War II at all.”

I don’t mean to sound like I’m complaining; I don’t need all my books to be tricksy and sneaky. There is some cool stuff in here: apparently if you can get past the obvious downsides concentration camps are great places to meet cool people, like French novelists and female Russian combat pilots. And who knew a book about concentration camps would remind me of all those old camp songs I forgot I knew? (I mean summer camp. Like with canoes and s’mores, not gas chambers.)

Also, these books kind of make me want to sign up for flying lessons. The girls are always so keen and excited about being pilots.

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3 Responses to Rose Under Fire

  1. I’m still steeling myself up to Rose under Fire. Code Name Verity was JUST SO SAD, so I’m going to need a very sunny day on which to sit outside and read another one like it.

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