Of late I’ve been anxious because of Stuff and Reasons, so I cast on a sweater for some plain, simple, worry bead knitting. Delicious blue alpaca should solve some problems right?

Apparently I was more wound up than I thought because it’s done already.


(I didn’t notice that weird flashing at the waist till I was done. Oh, hand-dyed yarn. You are just so pretty I keep on forgiving you for these kind of shenanigans.)

I’ve been meaning to try out bottom up seamless set in sleeves for a while and they are just so clever. Like, they have all the cleverness of top down set in sleeves without the awkwardness of wrestling with the rest of the sweater while knitting the sleeves. Genius!

Specs: Arrow Pullover in Misti Alpaca Tonos Worsted. I changed the gauge because I can’t follow directions and added a couple of extra ridges on the sleeves because I like my sleeve edgings on the deep side.

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