Dust Girl

I have always been drawn to stories based on myths, but of late I find myself a little burned out on them. Like, I have read so many interpretations of King Arthur that sometimes I pick up a book and think “Holy Grail? Lancelot? Have I read this already?”

Likewise, I see the words Seelie and Unseelie and go “yeah, yeah, faeries, beautiful, cruel, tricksy, bring some iron, don’t eat anything. I know.” So I picked up Dust Girl by Sarah Zettel and was pleasantly surprised that it has some fairies and yet didn’t feel like something I’d already read nine times.

It begins in Depression era Kansas where everything is bleak and dusty and Callie lives with her mother in an old hotel. (This is maybe just me, but I love this the way I love going backstage or being in shops after closing.) Then the mother vanishes mysteriously in a dust storm and obviously Callie has to go look for her, and also her father who, it so happens, is both black and a fairy.

Adventures ensue, a sidekick is acquired and all that fairy stuff is mixed up with the Dust Bowl, a drive to Kansas City, some trains and an old timey movie theatre. Fun!

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1 Response to Dust Girl

  1. Actually this does sound pretty good! I’m surprised because with the exception of one, I have hated every book set in the Depression that I’ve ever read, and like you, I am not so much on board for the Seelie & Unseelie Courts thing. But still. This sounds good.

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