Generation A

Every now and then I pick up one of Douglas Coupland’s books because they seem like the sort of thing I should like, and then I remember how I’m just not in love with him. (I mean as an author. He could be a perfectly lovely person.)

My latest attempt at Douglas Coupland appreciation is Generation A. It begins when five people are stung by bees, which is noteworthy because bees have been extinct for the past few years. (There is nostalgic and enthusiastic talk about apples guaranteed to make you start craving a good apple. This could be the book for you if you’re trying to eat more fruit.) So they are famous on the internet, whisked away by scientists for study and curious to meet each other. It’s sort of like a disaster movie premise where disparate people end up stuck together talking about life, the universe and everything. With lots of drugs.

Overall, my feeling is kind of … meh. I guess I wanted this to go another direction. I wanted more about the bees because Lazarus species are cool, and Douglas Coupland wanted to talk more about storytelling in the digital age. And drugs. Which is fine and all, but I feel like the world is not hurting for musings along those lines.

And, I don’t want to insult bees’ intelligence and resourcefulness, but I find it hard to believe they apparently faked extinction, hid out for a few years, then went out and deliberately stung specific people at specific moments. I mean, how? Why?

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3 Responses to Generation A

  1. I have loved some of Douglas Coupland’s books, but I’m nervous to go back and read more of them. I have this feeling that the few years since I last read a book of his will have made his brand of humor unpalatable to me, and then I will not only lose an author I liked, but I’ll feel silly about the tastes of Past Jenny. Like when I tried to reread Life of Pi. :/

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