Bonus Hat

I finished that yoked cardigan the other day, except for buttons which, given my track record could take a while. But I had a fair bit of yarn left over, too much to just stick in the scrap drawer. So, new hat:


My face is creepily absent from all the pictures I took. This can only help my career as a spy, right?

This pattern has some stupid long floats in the last few rows of the colour pattern but I think it’s worth it. I love how pleasingly Art Deco it looks.


I may be scheming to add this pattern as edging to the entire world.

Specs: Diamond Waves Hat, knit in Handmaiden Ottawa. No mods for once.

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3 Responses to Bonus Hat

  1. A beautiful beautiful hat. Love it. (And now that you’ve told us you’re a spy, does this mean that you’ll have to kill us all?)

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