Today was gloomy and rainy so I put on my latest, pinkest sweater to cheer myself up. Then I realized I never posted about it.

Remember that bit of pink lace I showed you? Now it looks like this:


(Let’s all just pretend my shirt isn’t folded over awkwardly.)

I bought this yarn ages ago on a whim with a vague plan of a soft, fuzzy, lacy sweater to balance out all those rugged cable knits I love so much. Then it sat in my closet for far too long while I mused about patterns, failed to find the right one, and wondered how I made such an obvious error in judgement.

It is a constant amazement to me that despite there being no shortage of knitting patterns in the world there so often doesn’t seem to be one matching what I have in my head. Obvious solution: get out my sketch book and calculator.


I added some garter stitch on a lace diamond chart (not an original idea – I’m sure I’ve seen this stitch pattern somewhere before) and slapped a lace panel on the front and back. A more geometric pattern works here, I think, to counteract the pink fuzzy girliness of the yarn. I didn’t really want to work out decreases in the lace, so square neckline to the rescue!


Plain stockinette sleeves and garter stitch edges and I had a sweater. Without even any instances of ripping or grinding my teeth – I always feel so clever when the math works out.

Specs: Original pattern, yarn is Debbie Bliss Fez.

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2 Responses to Pink!

  1. Febr12 says:

    It’s really beautiful!

  2. Jenny says:

    Looks amazing!

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