When the Internet is a Book

So, I kind of love the internet. I mean, endless cat videos, knitting patterns and nonsensical memes piped into my living room more or less by magic. What’s not to love?

But actually, I don’t love staring at a screen all the time. My eyes kind of glaze over after a while and I skim through a lot of stuff I totally mean to come back to and look at properly. I know people grumble about blogs to books but it works for me because, let’s be honest, I was never going to read that article from last year online.

Of late I’ve been reading What Makes This Book So Great by Jo Walton, which is a collection of her posts about books and reading, mostly science fiction but sometimes not. So often books about books are about Classics or Serious Literature which I have usually read or am deliberately not reading (surely someone out there shares my disinterest in Margaret Atwood), so it’s fun that there are books in here I haven’t heard of and I should look some up in the library catalogue. (You know, a little later. I’ve been at the computer for a while…)

Also, you should go read her book Among Others, which is also full of books, among other things.

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5 Responses to When the Internet is a Book

  1. Did you read her essay about Mary Renault? Did it make you want to read Mary Renault? #crazyeyes

    (Sometimes I feel like Jo Walton is the only person on the internet who loves Mary Renault as much as I do.)

  2. Ruth in Ontario says:

    Yep, I’m with you on Margaret Atwood, despite the fact that she is a literary hero here in Canada. I’ve only liked one of her books and it was based on a true story. I find her fiction very depressing! Or maybe it’s just over my head?

    • Ruth in Ontario says:

      ETA That one book was “Alias Grace”, I couldn’t just remember the title!

    • Yes! It’s not just me!
      We read a couple of her books in high school (because Canadian Literary Hero, I guess) and sometimes I think I must be holding a grudge about reading quizzes or something because her stuff just … doesn’t work for me.

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