Lockwood & Mittens

Have you ever found yourself wondering what Ghostbusters would be like if they were kids in London? Actually, I can’t say I have, but luckily Jonathan Stroud has preemptively answered that one in The Screaming Staircase (Book 1 in Lockwood & Co.) I love Ghostbusters! Good times.

Also, I’ve been knitting mittens:


Which, given recent sweltering temperatures, started to seem a bit silly. But then Lockwood reminded me how ghosts bring their own cold, so I’m really just being prepared.

(If I should meet a ghost this summer there is approximately a 100% chance I will have neither mittens nor iron filings with me.)

Specs: The Grind Mitten, knit in Tanis Fiber Arts Yellow Label DK

Happy Canada Day eve y’all. We should just start pouring the beer now, right?

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2 Responses to Lockwood & Mittens

  1. Those are cute mittens, but with the weather as hot as it is, the thought of putting on mittens makes me shudder. Dreadful heat! Thank God I am back living in the land of central air conditioning! *gives NYC the sideeye*

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