The Tropic of Serpents

A while back I read A Natural History of Dragons by Marie Brennan and was charmed by the premise. Dragons! World travel! Old timey natural history expeditions! Hey, I have dragged friends to museums to look at dinosaur bones on several occasions, which is kind of like studying dragons. So when the sequel The Tropic of Serpents came out, I was in. It’s more of the same – dragons, adventures, near death experiences. I tend to burn out on series that keep offering more of the same; I like a series that keeps stepping it up. But it does take a while for me to get sick of dragons.

Speaking of formidable beasts, I knit some elephants:


I’m working on writing up a pattern. And by “working” I mean “procrastinating.”

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2 Responses to The Tropic of Serpents

  1. I didn’t get into A Natural History of Dragons right away and returned it to the library. But I’m going back to it! Obviously I was in the wrong mood for it before, but I love lady naturalists and I love dragons, and in the future I will love this book. For sure.

    Your elephants are amazing. You are a knitting genius.

    • Lady naturalists + Dragons = Winning!

      (The first book takes a while to get going as I recall. Not that it isn’t interesting how she gets into the dragon business but it’s not the same as, you know, being in the dragon business.)

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