Y’all! How have you been? My internet time has fallen off a bit this summer because I keep having that nagging feeling I should go outside or something. (Recommended! Good for you! If you use sunscreen.)

Anyway, in literary news, I’ve found myself reading a lot of books lately that are … fine. Like, they kept me amused on the bus and there wasn’t anything wrong with them like being full of slugs or plotholes so I don’t want to say snarky stuff about them. But also, I wasn’t reluctant to get off the bus and put them away and I’m not jumping up and down to tell you about how awesome and delightful they were.

Mostly I returned them to the library and kind of forgot about them. Y’know … fine.

On the knitting front I have three almost done cardigans that need buttons. (Yes, three.) I convinced myself it was too hot to sew on buttons, but deep down I knew that I’m just a button procrastinator.

Off to look at pullover patterns.

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2 Responses to Fine

  1. What were the books? PS August is always too hot to be ambitious so don’t feel bad about it for sure.

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