So, like I was saying the other day, I have a bit of a button backlog happening. Obvious solution? Button sewing party! (Your parties may be different.)


When you get a beer, that’s when it’s a party. Fact.

One happily buttoned cardigan sounds like a successful party to me. (I’ve been to worse parties. With, like, vomit and stuff.)


Those of you following along at home may have noticed we started with three sweaters. But I ran out of beer after this one. Baby steps. I mean, I can’t let buttons drive me to alcoholism.

Specs: Armande, knit in Aslan Trends Del Cerro. I have a couple of skeins left over. What would Aslan knit?

I started this pattern a while ago when I was in the mood for some simple knitting and I thought a detailed pattern with no modifications and all the thinking done would be just the thing. But this pattern? Is kind of too detailed. I see how it’s trying to avoid vague at-the-same-time instructions like, “knit the pockets while making buttonholes at intervals” but it has a lot of words and I find reading all the rows harder than just getting the gist and knitting away. It’s like it crosses the line from supportive hand-holding into “Jeez Mom, I can cross the street myself.”

I’m pleased with how it turned out though. Just shake your hand free and you’ll be fine.

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3 Responses to Armande

  1. Fab cardigan, fab buttons! I totally agree that anything + beer = party. Or alternately, anything + accordion = also party. (I harbor a deep love of accordions, even though they are silly.)

  2. Thanks! Now that you mention it I may need to procure an accordion for a beer + accordion SUPERPARTY.

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