Seamless Hybrid

I’ve been under the weather lately. It always seems like getting over colds seems to stop at about 80-90% for me. So it’s not like I’m sick, but I still need a nap after a day of sitting at my desk.

The upside? I made quick work of some plain knitting.


(Er, let’s just pretend my arm is actually covering that lamp. Whoops!) I’ve been meaning to try out Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Seamless Hybrid for ages now and it was pretty perfect. Lots of plain knitting, then some nifty stuff at the shoulders once you’re feeling up to it. I did the shirt yoke version at the back:


So simple and yet so clever. After all the hand holding in the last sweater I made, EZ’s chatty/vague directions made a nice change. I realize it’s not everyone’s jam but I kind of like how her instructions so often point out that you can just do what you want here. Because let’s be honest, I was going to do that anyway.

Specs: Seamless Hybrid by Elizabeth Zimmermann knit in Elann Peruvian Sierra Aran.

Since I’m feeling so much better, I cast on some cables yesterday.

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4 Responses to Seamless Hybrid

  1. salpal1 says:

    wow, for a sick person, you were very productive. 🙂 Like that sweater.

  2. Pretty! Wish I were as productive as that when I have a cold!

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