The Cure for Dreaming

The other day I stepped into a coffee shop and pulled out my latest library book, The Cure for Dreaming by Cat Winters, with the intention of reading a couple of chapters and being on my way. Then it completely sucked me in. Was I going to do errands or something? Nah, I’ll just keep reading.

It starts off at a hypnotist show in 1900 Oregon where Olivia is celebrating her birthday after being pelted with eggs at a suffragist rally. (Incidentally, I realize egging is A Thing but I don’t get it. So wasteful. Think of all the omelets and angel food cakes they could have made with those eggs instead.) Word about the suffragist portion of the evening gets back to her father, who is a perfect example of why old timey dentists are scary. (I need to stop procrastinating about making a dentist appointment. At least my dentist doesn’t use leeches.)

Anyway, the father decides it would be a genius idea to hire the hypnotist to “cure” his “rebellious” daughter. (Pro-tip: if you need to hypnotize people into agreeing with you it’s probably time to rethink your argument. Also, you are deeply creepy.)

While it seems a bit unsporting to nitpick a book after such an awesome coffee shop date, I did find myself wishing it was a little less black and white about suffragist = awesome and anti-suffragist = evil. It’s pretty hard to sympathize with someone who opposes votes for women, but I’m willing to cut a bit of slack for people in the olden days who might be misguided. Otherwise there would just be so much evil floating around, considering there was controversy about this. That can’t be right surely?

On a brighter note, it kind of has me wanting to get my bike out again. Maybe that’s what I’ll do instead of calling the dentist.

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2 Responses to The Cure for Dreaming

  1. I love when historical fiction books can manage to portray the different morality of the time without making all the characters who thought like their time thinks instead of like our time thinks as Evil. Sounds like this one didn’t manage it. :/

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