Oh, November

You know why Canadians have Thanksgiving in October? Because surely no one can be expected to summon up much gratitude in late November. Black Friday is surely more aptly named. It’s dark and grey and not yet Christmas, whatever the mall may want you to believe. I’ve been meaning to show y’all my new and improved no longer strangley sweater but naturally there’s no light ever and I can’t get a shot that’s not full of November Gloom and Woe.

Instead I took this shot of my new sweater in progress with some Hudson Bay stripes to liven things up.


Racing stripes and cables make everything better! Even dark November evenings.

Pattern is Loden, which is not difficult as such but requires attention every. single. round. We’ll see how long I can keep that up.

Wishing y’all a dark and sombre Black Friday tomorrow. (Maybe I could get a deal on one of those sunshine replacement lights?)

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4 Responses to Oh, November

  1. Ahahaha, November is such a misery. Errrr, in most places. Down here it’s actually really pleasant. Indeed too pleasant? I am wishing that it would get gray and miserable again, at least for a week or two, so that I could start getting into the mood for Christmas.

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