Winter Light

I was sulking the other day (uh, week, whatever) about how the November gloom was harshing my sweater photography and lo, the sun came out for a little while.


A sweater picture! Is the universe taking complaints? Because if so I have some more.

This is #13 Yoke Detail Sweater from an old Debbie Bliss Magazine (don’t you love when they go all out with the names?) Except I knit mine in the round because I cannot understand why you would ever knit a yoke sweater in pieces. Now the original is knit in silk so I can see the wish for some stabilizing seams but I feel like the actual answer there is to make something else with your silk. I subbed Rowan Felted Tweed which gave me an almost preternaturally light and airy sweater. I think maybe this is what ghosts would wear if they needed sweaters.

Anyway, I’m quite pleased with the yoke:


(Although perhaps less pleased with the T shirt underneath. Layering is hard!)

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