When’s The Next Vacation?

Y’all! How’ve you been? I’ve been back from Christmas vacation for a couple of weeks and am just now getting over my annual post-Christmas funk. (I have to go to work every day? Not in my pajamas? And there aren’t even cookies? Next year I must remember to plan something awesome in mid January to take the edge off.)

Anyway, while not at the day job I’ve been reading. Post-vacation book debrief:

Mind of Winter by Laura Kasischke: By random happenstance I read a Christmas book actually at Christmastime. It’s a slow kind of creepy where it’s sort of boring then it sneaks up on you that it’s sort of creepy.

The Empress of Mars by Kage Baker: There’s a bar! On Mars! What more could you want really? I continue to be disappointed that technology seems to be delivering us an endless plethora of Apple products instead of space travel. Or jetpacks.

Conjured by Sarah Beth Durst: Creepy again, this time with magic, a serial killer and the Witness Protection Program. I could have done without all the kissing though.

And I’m about to start on Blue Lily, Lily Blue. Oh, hey, something to look forward to.

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2 Responses to When’s The Next Vacation?

  1. Aw, Kage Baker! One day soon I’m going to do a big reread of her Company series — it was one of the most fun reading experiences ever, reading that series for the first time. And yay to Blue Lily Lily Blue! I hope you will love it!

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