Blue Antler, Antler Blue

After a minor setback where I accidentally returned my library book half read and had to get another copy, I finished Blue Lily, Lily Blue by Maggie Stiefvater. Being as how it`s Book 3 it`s hard to talk about the plot without doing a lot of spoilery summing up, but to me these books are all about character anyway. Yeah, stuff happens, something, something Welsh King, but surely the main point of the plot is to allow Blue and the boys opportunities to do stuff together and be awesome and cranky and complicated.

Also, as a knitter, I keep imagining Gansey having a fabulous collection of preppy sweaters. I don`t believe it`s ever mentioned in the book but a gansey is a kind of fisherman sweater. If I was an English major I might be looking for some symbolism. But since I`m me, I`ll just show you this appropriately blue Antler sweater that`s thisclose to being done.


Buttons this weekend. Hold me to it, Internet.

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