A Bog Field Trip

I recently finished a Bog Jacket that I started a good long while ago. (There might have been some technical difficulties that I solved by setting it aside for several weeks. Shouldn’t work but sometimes it does.) Despite the unsweater weather lately I’m still in love with the cleverness of it. I’m not always all about Elizabeth Zimmermann (what’s so wrong about purling?) but she was a crazy knitting genius.

Apparently the Bog Jacket is A Thing among weavers, inspired by garments worn by the Bog People. You can cut and sew a rectangle to make a jacket without wasting any fabric; there’s a diagram here, which has the added benefit of looking like something the Paper Bag Princess might wear. Except if you’re knitting instead of cutting and sewing you unpick stitches and graft. Clever, clever!

The whole time I was knitting I kept thinking of Bog Child by Siobhan Dowd which begins with a teenager who finds a body in a bog. But also it’s set in 1980s Northern Ireland so there’s a side of Troubles along with the archeology. And a plot twist I didn’t see coming that made me laugh out loud.

If I were really clever I’d have a picture, but my camera cord has mysteriously vanished, probably to show up in a bog thousands of years hence. It’ll look better once I sew on some buttons anyway. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, go read Bog Child or knit yourself a Bog Jacket.

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