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The Rest of Us Just Live Here

Remember crazy roommate days? I had so many crazy roommate times! (Why are roommates always so crazy? Do sane people just always live alone or something?) And I would so often find myself rolling my eyes and saying “I just live here.” Did … Continue reading

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Done, Not Done

Done: A new pair of socks: Pattern is Nemesis which is basically a variation on the 2×2 garter rib sock I have knit eleventeen times. Recommended for fellow garter rib enthusiasts. (Er, assuming there are any.) The travelling stitches pull … Continue reading

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Shiny! New!

So, I finally got myself a new laptop. I put if off 20% because of the expense but about 80% because laziness. (I have to transfer files? And install stuff? Hey, maybe this limping old computer isn’t so bad.) Y’all, the … Continue reading

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