Done, Not Done

Done: A new pair of socks:


Pattern is Nemesis which is basically a variation on the 2×2 garter rib sock I have knit eleventeen times. Recommended for fellow garter rib enthusiasts. (Er, assuming there are any.) The travelling stitches pull things in a bit so maybe consider knitting the bigger size (I did not and it takes a bit of tugging to get them on and off.)

Not done: The Illusionists by Rosie Thomas which I picked up because, hey, illusionists. It’s one of those books that just didn’t really grab me and then started getting on my nerves. Little stuff that I would totally overlook in a book I actually liked.

Everyone’s in love with Eliza and I don’t believe it’s so much because she’s just that awesome but more because this book needs more ladies.

Devil Wix, I don’t think you should call yourself Devil unless you’re really committed to evil. Being kind of obnoxious doesn’t count. Have you considered Dick? It might be a more accurate name for you.

In a book illusions can be pretty impressive because Physics? Not a problem! But I know the laws of thermodynamics aren’t slowing you down so I’m not impressed.

Seriously, everyone is still in love with Eliza?

I got about two thirds of the way through, put it down, days passed and, eh, I’m not picking it back up.

Maybe I should learn some magic tricks instead.

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One Response to Done, Not Done

  1. PLEASE learn some magic tricks. I have always wished that I knew magic tricks (slash, that I was patient enough to learn how to do magic tricks).

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