The Rest of Us Just Live Here

Remember crazy roommate days? I had so many crazy roommate times! (Why are roommates always so crazy? Do sane people just always live alone or something?) And I would so often find myself rolling my eyes and saying “I just live here.”

Did you know the cops will stop by the house to check on your supposedly suicidal housemate? I did not and, I dunno, I still can’t work out how an email about dropping a class sounds like a suicide note. Hey, I just live here. There’s a band sleeping in the basement? Like, a rock band or a marching band? Oh, whatever, I just live here. Hey, the kitchen table’s in pieces in the backyard – how’d that happen? No idea; I just live here. No, officer, Josh doesn’t live here. Why am I always the one who answers the door when it’s the cops? I just live here.

Anyway, the subtitle of The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness might as well be Caroline, You Need To Read This. And, lo, I was not disappointed.

You know how there’s always vampires or soul-eating ghosts or some kind of evil to be destroyed? Some prophesied Chosen One gets assigned that job while meanwhile bystanders are going about their business and maybe think those glowing lights and mysterious deaths are kind of alarming? If you have ever watched Buffy or any superhero movie ever you know what I mean. This book is about those bystanders. And if you are the sort of person wondering who’s going to clean up New York after the credits roll, or what it was like for all the kids who just went to Hogwarts to learn magic, this is the book for you.

Seriously, how do you get home if your car is a casualty in the fight against evil? Maybe that’s what happened to the kitchen table?

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2 Responses to The Rest of Us Just Live Here

  1. Didn’t you love the chapter descriptions at the start of each chapter? I DID. The rest of the book doesn’t get so heavily into the tropes of the Chosen One story, so it was delightful to see Patrick Ness having so much fun with those tropes in the chapter descriptions.

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