Nothing Says Spring Like Mittens

Because I am me, while everyone else is pining for the day when they can put their winter stuff away, I’ve been knitting mittens. Look, new mittens!


I made them with leftover scraps (from this sweater), which always makes me feel so clever. Like, hey, something from nothing. So I was feeling all clever and resourceful. Then I thought I was going to run out of grey but, lo, I am so clever and resourceful I found some other yarn that kind of works and swapped it in for the main diamond part. I, um, totally meant to do that.

You can see it more on the palms, actually:



Pattern is Lisa by Solveig Larsson. My friend the sommelier’s name is also Lisa. Pretty sure this means I should get a glass of wine to go with my new mittens, right? What wine goes with stranded mittens?

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5 Responses to Nothing Says Spring Like Mittens

  1. rethinklife says:

    These are super cute!

  2. Becca says:

    These mittens are lovely! Knitting with leftover yarn always makes me feel really creative – I love mixing and matching colors.

  3. All the wines go great with mittens! This is well known in the wine world. :p

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