A Week In Stripes

Last Friday I got some new yarn in my mailbox. I’m trying to knit the yarn I have instead of buying shiny new things, but this stuff is just SO COOL. I have a longstanding love of self-striping sock yarn (like here for example) but the thing about that is if you change the number of stitches per row you get weird looking stripes. Increase the stitches: narrower stripes; decrease the stitches: wider stripes.


Caterpillergreen has self-striping Shawl yarn that lets you knit a top-down triangle with tidily spaced stripes. (As you increase stitches the length of each stripe of yarn gets longer. Genius.) I cast on last weekend and merrily knit all week doing garter stitch for the coloured parts and stocking stitch for the grey.


Then I finished this morning and played yarn chicken with the bind-off. It was close.


Not trimmed at all. I’m just that lucky good.


I think the green stripes might be slightly excessive but they do have “green” right there in the name. I love it. Triangle! Stripes! I even have a striped shirt to match.

IMG_2622 (2)

Now I, uh, think I was knitting some socks or something? Whatever happened with that?

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2 Responses to A Week In Stripes

  1. I love it! You’ve done the stripes perfectly!

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