Small Coloured Things

For the last few years it seemed like I spent a lot of time thinking about colourwork projects, thinking about what patterns to make, which colours to pick. But then somehow  I never actually knit any of them.

So it kind of surprises me that lately I’ve been on a stranded kick. I made those mittens, then these socks, which you can tell are fabulous because they have elephants on them:


Pattern is Water for the Elephants which I’ve had my eye on literally for years. I am so absurdly delighted with these. Yellow and blue elephant socks!


And! As if that were not enough, there’s also a hat


I’d been kind of wanting to try out Kate Davies’ yarn for a while. I’m supposed to be working through all the other yarn I already have at home, but what fun is that? So when there was a free shipping day I got the kit for Epistropheid.  Nice yarn, as it turns out. It’s sturdy and woolly but not excessively scratchy. I might need to make a sweater out of it.

Once I’ve used up that yarn in the closet, naturally…

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2 Responses to Small Coloured Things

  1. Oh my gosh, those are maybe the best socks I’ve ever seen. Love them!

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