Cables du Dauphiné

I don’t spin and have no plans to take it up but in July I suffer from fleeting sadness that I can’t do the Tour de Fleece. I actually do follow cycling. (Well, sort of. I got into it because it’s the perfect insomniac TV – hours of footage of people riding bikes, minimal concentration required, often aired at weird hours of the night.) And I do love a crazy knitting challenge. So this year I thought to myself, how about I do my own thing in honour of the Criterium du Dauphiné  – y’know, similar but different.

I thought of this plan while I was casting on a new sweater during the prologue, so it was not especially well thought out and has a couple of obvious problems:

1 – The connection with wheels and spinning isn’t there. As it happens I’m knitting a cabled sweater (Telluride Aran) so I’ve decided the cables represent winding roads. Best I can do at short notice.


If that doesn’t remind you of biking through France I don’t know what will.

2 – The Dauphiné is way shorter than the tour (1 week vs 3) and there’s no way I’m going to finish. Today’s the last day and I have the front, back and part of a sleeve. (This is only possible because the back and sleeves are plain.) Maybe I can pull of some kind of unlikely come from behind win this afternoon? You never know if you don’t try.

How about Vest du Dauphiné  next year?

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2 Responses to Cables du Dauphiné

  1. goodenoughcook says:

    I don’t spin either, and sometimes get wistful about it. I was going to learn and then a friend gave me a billion crochet hooks so I took up crocheting instead. It doesn’t look as nice but makes a fine blanket in half the time. I love the purple yarn you used in your sweater.

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